The right bibs to prevent saddle pain and sores

Bibs or shorts are one the most important part of every cyclists' gear.

The chamois or padding used in this critical piece of apparel is the real key to comfortable and pain-free ride. It provides protection to you all the areas of your body that touch the saddle. 
However, it is not always easy to find the right pair for your own style. That's why we have compiled a quick guide to the most important features of the chamois. 

Thickness and Density

The combination of these two elements is crucial to understand how much protection a chamois can provide. The best bibs have well-defined areas with different thickness and density to properly support the contact areas between you and your saddle. Generally, thicker and denser pads are best for cyclists that do not ride very often or rider longer. Slimmer chamois are prefered by frequent riders or for shorter rides. Body weight is also a factor. The more you weight the more support you may need.

Fabric and material
The best chamois are made with different layers of foams, cut diagonally to offer breathability and support. Look for antibacterial fabrics that use technologies like silver ions to prevent any sores caused by sweat, especially for longer rides and difficult climbs.

Finally, chamois are attached to the bib in two different ways. Some manufacturers seam the pads to the fabric. In this case, look for flat seams to minimize the risk of chafing.
In other cases thermo-moulding is used to eliminate or reduce potentially abrasive elements. 

Chamois come in all sizes. Longer paddings offer support and protection in more areas but can limit elasticity and freedom of movement. 

    How do I find the right bibs and chamois for me?

    Here at Chesini we have developed a quick tool to find the right bib for your ride.  Connect your Strava account or answer a few questions to find what is the right bib and chamois for your own unique riding style.  

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