Our History

Where it all started 

To see the first Chesini bikes we need to go back to 1925, when Gelmino Chesini builts its first bicycle. In that same year, Gelmino also creates his first race bike, the Chesini BiciPrecision, in his small workshop in Nesente, just outside Verona.

Gelmino keeps the company growing and in 1947 he acquires a bike factory, Cicli Valletti, and moves the headquarters of Chesini Bikes to Verona, in Via San Paolo.

The sixties are the year of economic boom in Italy. Cars became more affordable and a sign of wealth.

Gelmino starts to service sewing machine but that doesn't distract him from his bikes. He keeps researching new ways to build better and faster bicycles. His work and dedication pays off. A Chesini bike wins the Solo 100 Km World Amateur Championship in 1963 and 1964. In 1965 Chesini bikes win both the Solo and Team World Amateur Championship. As a result, the sewing machine business is quickly abandoned.

Gabriele, the son of Gelmino takes over the leadership of the company. He quickly understands that the future of the company is not in mass-manufacturing mediocre bikes but to keep building high-quality products with passion. He often said: 

Our real and unique intent is to build special race bikes, perfect for racer and amateurs

This passion and the constant search for quality and perfection is what is still driving the company today. Our bikes are handmade, one by one, with unchanged dedication. 

Chesini today

Our company today has expanded to serve cyclists in all their needs.

Our bikes are built with extra light steel tubing, made with new technologies and alloys. These materials, combined with our expertise, is what allows us to create handmade bikes with bespoke geometries for a comfortable yet performing ride. 

We are also investing in new technologies to make apparel more comfortable. On this website, you can try our unique matching technology. We analyze your riding profile to match you with the best apparel for your unique needs. You can try it right here!

 If you want to see our bike production visit our global website.