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    These bibs are designed to provide an exceptional experience on short and medium rides, up to 4 hours. These shorts feature our Black Chamois, with high-density foam pad with thicker areas of support to provide outstanding saddle comfort. 

    The shorts are made in soft Lycra to allow superior freedom of movement, while the back panel uses our premium mesh fabric to prevent overheating. 


    • Best chamois in its category
    • Breathes well and keeps you dry
    • Lightweight compression material to stimulate blood flow
    • Anti-slip leg cuffs 
    • Breathable upper mesh keeps you cool
    • UV Protection

    Black Chamois specs:

    • Density: up to 100 kg/m3
    • Thickness: up to 11 mm (~1/3 inch)

    Check our sizing chart, this item uses European size and can run smaller than other brands.

    You can always return your items if they don't fit, check our return policy here